GIFs Will Revolutionize Your Facebook Ads – Here’s How to Use Them

In February, Facebook added the option to use GIFs in ads. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can use them today.

When Facebook allowed Pages to post GIFs, marketers rejoiced. The Internet’s favorite animated image format (actually, the only animated image format) offers many advantages. For one, it’s easy to make. Just pop a video into GIPHY (the easy way) or create an animated post (slightly more complex) and you’ve got a GIF you can use to make your Facebook posts more interesting. Of course, posting a GIF isn’t as simple as uploading it as an image. Facebook essentially treats GIFs as links – so you’ll have to upload your GIF  to a site like GIPHY and then post the link to it, making sure the GIF “previews” before deleting the link from the status.

But advertisers who wanted to use GIFs (or posts that contain GIFs) in their marketing campaigns found they could not do so. Until Facebook made an update in February, that effectively brought GIFs on par with videos – at least from an ads perspective. GIFs will play and loop in very much the same way that videos do, and they have the same 4GB file-size restriction. They also have video metrics.

You can upload a GIF via the Ads Manager, or publish it in a post from your Page, and then choose to boost it. Why use a GIF? Because people are 50% more likely to SHARE a fun GIF they can relate to more than a still photo.

Here’s how to do the entire process.

To Upload A GIF In Ads Manager

  1. Begin by adding a new campaign, and choosing any objective which supports video.
  2. Then, select Single Video in the Format section.
  3. Finally upload your .gif file exactly as you would a video.

To upload a GIF in Power Editor:

  1. Add a new campaign and choose any objective which supports video.
  2. Then, choose Ad with an image or video.
  3. Click on Video/Slideshow.
  4. Upload your .gif file exactly as you would a video by clicking Select Video.

Note that you can either upload it or paste in a link (if you have one).

Tips For Best Results

For best results, Facebook explains that you should use high quality images or animations. This should be an obvious one for all. Facebook also says that you should choose to use “subtle motion.” Perhaps a cinemagram? Also, using a GIF with a file size less than 8MB will help it load faster. As advertising with GIFs follows the same ads policies, you need to check that your GIF has less than 20% text in it – yes, that rule still exists. Moreover, if your GIF is grainy or flashes, it may not be approved – again, for obvious reasons. If you’re advertising to markets with slow Internet connections, it might be a better idea to go with slideshow ads instead, as GIFs don’t always load on all devices.

Finally, the best way to use GIFs is to tell a story. For example, you could release a series of them, as part of a bigger story. Cut your videos or GIFs to less than 15 seconds, as most people view 15 seconds or less.



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